"Does your doorbell ever ring? ... How many push-ups can you do?" - Padgett Powell, 'The Interrogative Mood'. Profile Books, 2010.

Most of my work is a response to particular objects, situations, expectations, buildings, locations or people. It often begins by finding out what might be missing, unsaid or overlooked. These projects might be catering for an apparent need, or something people were doing just fine without. I always think art should be simultaneously undoing whatever its doing. I like things I don't like.


- Intermediate level woodwork, metalwork, draughtsmanship, watercolour, concrete, model-making, forgery, writing, marketing, public speaking, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop. Also collaboration, counter intuition, ambivalence, collecting, candour, incremental adjustments, adaptation, questions, pragmatism, problem solving, behind-the-scenes, detail.

- Basic level photography, film and video, singing, dance, comedy, music, design, research.

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I have made works for specific places in private residences, permanent and temporary works in public spaces and galleries, often the result of numerous visits and conversations about what is required or possible. This also relates to  texts produced for publications which also normally serve some kind of function. In fact even when re-exhibiting art works I will be interested in all sorts of contextual details.

I often find myself making works dealing with repetition, sequences and reattempts. There are also a number of works of varying scale that are purposely designed to be repeated themselves, adapting every time, so I am always on the lookout for opportunities to do this.

If you have an invitation, need, gap, shortfall, problem, empty wall or margin for error why not ask me to have a think about it? I enjoy developing unforseen compromises, rethinking what might be possible. Commissions can be based on existing projects and concerns or be invented from scratch based on our discussions together. They can be on any scale, budget, timescale, theme, continent etc.

I have a number of talks, presentations and performance lectures that with a bit of thought can be adapted for different venues and audiences, including:

- ‘A SORT OF OPEN SECRET' – My practice and finances refracted through the entire animal kingdom, 40 mins

- ‘HERMIT MOVIE RETHINK' – An elaborate multimedia (video, animation, PowerPoint, karaoke) talk about my grappling to understand a planetarium. 30 mins

– How all the things around the art (the talks, titles, texts, resource areas, install days, printed ephemera, residencies) are also the art. 1hr

– An Artist's Talk as ad-hoc game show, where the audience controls which works I talk about. 1hr

– As above except we continue until I have spoken about every artwork I have made since 2000. As yet unattempted, 8 hrs minimum.

- 'ALL, IN ORDER' - PowerPoint of every artwork I have made as far back as GCSEs. 1hr (if just 6 seconds per slide, longer if more)
The audience can decide if I go backwards or forwards chronologically.

- 'ALL ABOUT THE APOCRALYPSE' - A talk about a website, describing the context and content of The Apocralypse.

- 'ALL MY SOUVENIR PENCILS AND PENS' - A tour through my growing collection of branded pencils and pens from businesses, visitor attractions, galleries, places, countries. A ongoing method of research to evaluate the value, language and meaning of this collection.

- 'ONLY YOURSELF TO BLAME' - Lecture where after an introduction the audience then votes which of the above 3 talks I deliver. 1hr

- ‘WHY BOTHER?' – A talk for Art students or those thinking of becoming an artist. 1hr

- 'IT MUST BE TOLD.' - A talk about the process of being haunted by an idea, told through the frame of a West End ghost play. 50mins

- 'HALF HOLIDAY / HALF WORK?' - A talk about making work elsewhere. Including findings from my 20 Qs about Artist Residencies. 1hr

I can also develop a new talk, lecture or performance based on any aspects you may be more interested in, or a new idea I want to try out. If so please see 'Rates' below.

I have undertaken a number of residencies nationally and internationally (The Lake District, Bristol, Plymouth, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Italy), varying from a couple of days to several months. These normally involve getting to know the surroundings, the organisation and individuals, utilising my artistic faculties to make sense of my new surroundings and expectations. I am always aware that I am not there as any kind of expert or to provide any quantifiable benefit, rather somwhere between a practicing artist and tourist. However that tourist sense of energised curiosity, unfamiliarity and expectation can be very productive.

Alongside the above there are also many other self-contained, stand-alone objects, videos, collections, photographs, works on paper etc… that can all be loaned, reshown or purchased, if still available.

Invitations for any of the above are always welcome...

Enquire within


I have large, print standard versions of all images on my website should you need them, just ask if you do. I also have a series of 1,076 slightly different black & white jpegs from the work 'Portrait Session' and am slowly using each one whenever a promoional image is needed. If you require one I can select one for you.

Wherever possible if any of the above are required and I am available and interested I would hope for a reasonable level of remuneration, either an artist's fee, production costs or an hourly/daily rate. If no funds are available this doesn't have to be a deal breaker as other benefits can suffice but as a guide if someone in the organisation is taking a wage then I expect an adequate budget for content.