(Above: Both parts of 'So Long (2/24ths of Second of Prehistoric 1960s)

Found drawings, mirrors, bespoke wooden frames, each 36cm x 31cm

This two part work is made up of two near-identical framed drawings. Bought at an auction house they are a pair of consecutive animation pages (you can see F13 and F14 in the bottom right hand corners) from a draft version of a 'The Flintstones' cartoon. Used to work out the positions of each character these would then be discarded after a handpainted animation cell was produced on an acetate sheet.

Slightly stained and crumpled, they had been unsold for a number of years at an collectibles shop in London. After a number of visits I bought them both then mounted them on sheets of mirror in bespoke wooden frames.

(Above and Below: Details and installation shots of each framed drawing when exhibited alongside the video 'An Ongoing Song...' at i-cabin, London. The drawings were placed back to back, on the inside and outside of the external wall of the gallery.)