(above l-r: Delivering the introduction; Re-enacting the Small Hand Dance; Ceryth Wynn Evans' original performance.)
Photos courtesy of El Brown/Itchy Park, Cerith Wyn Evans photo from Serpentine Gallery website

Performance in two parts; spoken introduction and re-enacted dance.

Devised for the one day, all night live event 'Itchy Park 5: Be the change that you want to see tomorrow, today!' at Limehouse Town Hall, curated by Emily Wardill, El Von Brown and Laura Lord. It is my attempt to replicate the artist Cerith Wyn Evans' interpretation of 'Small Hand Dance' a piece choreographed by Simone Forti. i did this without permission or consultation with original artists or any idea of the choreographer's original instructions.

Part 1:

"Good evening everyone, My name is Barry Sykes and I'm going to attempt a re-enactment of ‘Small Hand Dance' a piece devised by the choreographer Simone Forti that I saw performed by the artist Cerith Wyn Evans at the Serpentine Gallery's Experiment Marathon last October in the middle of the Summer Pavilion.

My performance tonight is in two parts. Part one is this, my introduction; it's in the slightly awkward, prosaic, explanatory style of those introductions given on the day by Hans Ulrich Obrist or Olafur Elliason. Part two will be my re-enactment of ‘Small Hand Dance'.

This is the third in a series of what you might call rip-offs, remakes, facsimiles or forgeries of other artist's works I've done over the last few months. The first was a painting by Karel Appel from 1948, then a Jonathon Monk sculpture from 2006 and now this from just last year.

For tonight's piece I'll be replicating what we saw on the day as best I can - Cerith Wyn Evans sat in a chair on a stage very similar to this albeit in a different place infront of different people. You might want to stand back... so that everyone can see.

Anyway, here we go."

(above: Re-enacting 'Small Hand Dance' at Itchy Park 5 - Photos courtesy of El Brown/Itchy Park)

(above: footage of Ceryth Wynn Evans' original performance in the Serpentine Gallery's Experment Marathon courtesy of ArtReview.com) Press play to watch.