Above: 'Sociable Hermit' installation view (photo Anna Barclay)

Exhibition of residency projects, all works 2015

An installation of the twelve or more projects undertaken on my year and half residency with ICIA at the University of Bath. Shown at 'The Edge', University of Bath, UK

Visiting once a month since summer 2013, I had negotiated a completely open brief for the residency. My focus quickly becoming the potentials of the campus itself, and my performative role as residency artist. I also wanted to prioritise the residency time as a space for experimentation, error, following my nose, finding a function, resisting any need for resolutions, and generally chatting to people about things I didn't understand.

My output during that time included numerous talks, a series of prints, photos from the University archives, my own mundane photographs of campus, an outsourced sculpture, co-opted furniture, a series of audience feedback forms, and a video trailer for a failed collaboration with architecture students. 'Sociable Hermit' was a chance to use the exhibition making process as a continuation of this open-ended residency activity.

This was also accompanied by 'Advanced Retreating', a symposium on Artists in Residence featuring talks, discussion, audience survey technilogy and excercises.

Above: 'Sociable Hermit' installation view, featuring 'Pitman Printing', 'Waters of Campus', 'Mundane Photographs of Campus' and 'Souvenir Pencils and Pens'. (Photo Owen Bryant)
Image: 'Waters of Campus', collected waters, bottles (Photo by Barry Sykes)
Above: 'Pitman Printing', handmade linocuts and woodcuts, printed on Sir Isaac Pitman's 1839 letterpress. (Photo by Owen Bryant)
Above: 'Souvenir Pencils and Pens', various found or bought pens and pencils from notable locations, businesses, visitor attractions around the world. (Photo by Owen Bryant)
Above: Installation view including 'Mundane Photographs of Campus', 'Brackets', 'Font Clock', 'Tick' and other residency ephemera (Photo by Owen Bryant)
Above: 'Bracket', painted wood, from a series made during - but not on - the residency. (Photo by Barry Sykes)
Above: Installation view, including 'Dir Frendz...' Pitman Phonetics wall painting. The text coming from the first line of Sir Isaac Pitman's address to the Phonographoc Corresponding Society. (Photo by Anna Barclay)
Above: Selection of reprints of photographs from the University Archives, focussing on images of people demonstrating their interests for the camera, with particular focus on body language, props and surroundings. (Photo by Anna Barclay)
Above: 'Focus Group For Failure' film trailer of the story of a failed project with 3rd year Architecture students - where they were supposed to install specifically designed works of mine in their building designs - with relocated memorial bench and 'Mirrors From Somewhere Else, #8,9,10' standard issue University mirrors. (Photo by Owen Bryant)
Above: 'Mirrors from Somwhere Else, #8,9,10' and relocated memorial bench. (Photo by Owen Bryant)
Above: 'Mirrors from Somewhere Else, #8,9,10' From an ongoing series where mirrors are borrowed from their usual location and exhibited elsewhere. (Photo by Owen Bryant)
Above: Borrowed University furniture, with 'Sociology Sculpture' book, 'Bracket' and various editions of the weekly 'Sociable Hermit Audience Feedback' form (Photo by Barry Sykes)
Above: 'Sociology Sculpture'. Unique edition of collected iPad photographs taken of discussion models made during a colaborative workshop with Dr Nicola Ingram, Department of Social & Policy Sciences, and her students. Bound in-house at the University. (Photo by Barry Sykes)
Above: Image from 'Sociology Sculpture'. A pair of workshops with Dr Nicola Ingram and her students, where we each made our own rudimentary models in response to various words or terms focussing on our relationship to campus. The book deliberately omits the stories that explain each model. (Photo by Barry Sykes)
Above: Image from 'Sociology Sculpture'. Terms to respond to included 'Home', 'Work', 'Your Refuge on Campus' and 'Your Future'. The model making materials were limited to what was available in the various campus shops, hence the mix of stationary, foodstuffs, toiletries etc. (Photo by Barry Sykes)
Above: 'A Sculpture I Once Saw, And Always Liked, By An Artist I Can't Remember, Remade From My Written Description, By Someone I've Never Met (Glen)'. The latest in a series where I write up my memory of a specific sculpture I once saw and have it passed to someone with the requisite technical skill to attempt to remake it for me. In this instance it was Architecure and Civil Engineering Lab Technician Glen Stewart. We didn't meet until the work was finished and I saw it for the first time. (Photo by Anna Barclay)
Above: Detail of 'Dir Frendz...' wall painting made using the customised University issue clock below as a stencil and a wide watercolour brush. The colours used were the specific dark blue that represents the University of Bath, and the lighter blue they use to represent 'research' in their official colour pallete. (Photo by Barry Sykes)
Above: 'Font Clock' used to execute 'Dir Frendz...' wall painting. (Photo by Owen Bryant)

Above: 'Sociable Hermit' installation view (Photo by Anna Barclay)