(above) The lecture theatre at the University of the Arts, London

Scripted Powerpoint performance lecture

Invited to produce a new work for an exhibition called 'Exchange' (about artists who play games with how their art is produced and consumed, often through other people) I devised a cryptic lecture where previously private information about my work and finances gradually unfolded to whoever had attended.

It was advertised with the following text, written by me:

Artists Talk: Barry Sykes

Barry's second contribution to ‘Exchange' is a new, specially devised, illustrated performance lecture.

This lecture will be a fearless attempt by Barry to completely invert his artistic practice; candidly quantifying its financial viability and refracting it through the prism of the entire animal kingdom.

In the spirit of the ‘Exchange' exhibition Barry has reconsidered the traditional artist's talk, swapping the usual narrative for previously inappropriate or overlooked information. Half lecture and half performance but all based on fact this is a one-off live event designed especially for the University of the Arts.

Barry's other work in ‘Exchange' is ‘The Dad Directives' featuring six separate photographs taken by his father, based on Barry's instructions emailed over whilst he was on a residency on the west coast of Finland.