June 23rd - July 14th 2002, Deptford, London
Curated by Sean Parfitt, Emma Ridgway and Barry Sykes


We were offered the use of these newly refurbished railway arches by the property developers Spacia, who specialise in buying up rundown arches and converting them into business premises. We were interested in the way arches and lock ups like these are often used for covert practices, away from prying eyes, so invited artists who had devised projects based on slightly dubious business ambitions, seemingly benevolent but perhaps also deceptive and devisive.

The project were open over three weekends, attracting hundreds of visitors.

An Agent in Rome
by Cesare Pietroiusti

We commissioned Cesare to come up with a simple proposition that we would elaborate into a public service. He suggested that as he would be back in Rome for the duration of the show he could act as an agent for any activities people suggested.

People queued up to fill in the forms, writing up anything from their artistic practice, party tricks, hobbies or services.

These were then posted out to Cesare to begin work in his home town. There is no timescale for this activity, or any promise to help everyone, just an opportunity to circulate information through a previously non-exitant network.

We have an archive of all the hundreds of completed forms, which are available to read on request, email barry@sykes.tc to arrange an appointment.

Art Amnesty
by Bob and Roberta Smith

We hosted this ongoing project where Bob and Roberta Smith attempts to counter peoples relentess desire to start making art, offering an opportunity to help those who find it hard to give up and also stop impressionable childen from considering it as a career option. The arch featured a growing gallery of visitors 'last drawings', decommissioned art materials and propaganda for the campaign.

Ideological Wrestling
by Semloh Bbew
with Ring by Artlab - Jeanine Richards and Charlotte Cullinan

The mysterious ex-music promoters Semloh Bbew staged bouts of ideological wrestling pitting opposing 'isms' against each other. Giant hand-painted banners announced the bouts, and photocopied flyers lay strewn around the ring, built by Artlab.