Pine, bamboo, epoxy resin, enamel paints
65 x 29 x 29cm

Above: details of 'Relaunch Announcement Sculpture' in the studio, note the brushwork mimicking light rust and chipped paintwork and the epoxy resin and glue gun used to look like rough welding.

Above and below: 'Relaunch Announcement Sculpture (with Lucky Charm)' on an improvised custom-made turntable in the window of 'GALLOP', home of the 'Committee' design studio and cafe, Deptford High Street, London. The sculpture was spotlit and slowly rotating in the window 24hrs a day, for the duration of The London Design Festival 2009)

Every day the 'Relaunch Announcement Sculpture' was paired it up with a different item selected from Committee's archive of found objects.