890 Jpegs, wall mounted digital picture frame. 30 x 38 x 6cm

Commissioned by Plymouth Arts Centre for the exhibition ‘Recreate A Nervy Pistol? (An Early Retrospective)'

A continually looping digital slideshow of 890 images in sequence from an afternoon photoshoot with renowned international commercial photographer Eliot Siegel who now lives in Plymouth.

The work stemmed from my interest in the formulaic visual shorthand for black and white photographic portraits of jobbing solo musicians, how the simple arrangements of person and instrument at close quaters efficiently communicated great skill and intimacy and presented a versatile image for any sort of editorial reproduction.

For the three hour session with Eliot we improvised my physical relationship to these various instruments. Rather than selecting a favourite, the final work is a slideshow of every image taken throughtout the session. Each image is displayed for 3 seconds, resulting in a 44 minute 'film', or indeed animation, of my time in front of the camera.

Below: Selected images from 'Portrait Session (Borrowed Instruments I Cannot Play)'










(Above: Installation shot from Plymouth Arts Centre, l-r: 'Kitemark, 2011; 'So Long (2/24ths of a Second of Prehistoric 1960s)', 2008; 'Portrait Session (Borrowed Instruments I Cannot Play)', 2010.)