, dimensions variable

A work made in response to the following invitation:

Dear Barry,

We are now programming our last exhibition as the current incarnation of Project Space 11. Our lease ends on the 13th April and after this we will be taking a short hiatus until we hear about our future funding in June/July.

As a contributing artist and someone we have really enjoyed working with, we would like to invite you to contribute to our final show, entitled £171. We are commissioning 10 artists from the past year's programme and inviting each one to invest a percentage of £171, the remainder of PS11's budget.

The purpose of these investments is to consolidate the future of PS11. This could be anything from actual monetary gain, ‘tips' for sustainability or artworks that will gain in value. The investments will help to support future artist-led activity led by PS11.

Each artist will be given £17.10. You can decide how you ‘invest' the money - whether to spend the whole amount yourself, or commission further artists.The only thing we ask if for there to be some sort of physical outcome that we can present in the space – this could be anything from a performance to camera, to a premium bond certificate. We will be installing the show on the 2nd of April so would need your contribution before then.

In the outcome that your investment does make a financial gain, proceeds will be put towards PS11's future programme, but the artist will receive 20% commission.

To get your £17.10 please email us with your bank details and we'll transfer it to your bank account. If you prefer you can invoice us for this amount with any receipts incurred (this could form part of the visual representation of the investment that will be exhibited in the project space).

Please let us know if you are interested in contributing, and thank you for your continued support!

Best wishes,

Project Space 11

My proposal was that one of Project Space 11 would go to the doll's house furniture shop near the gallery and pick up a package I had reserved for them. The package contained a selection of model mirrors chosen from the catalogue, none more than 10cm tall, together totalling £17.10. These were then to be clustered together on the floor of the gallery.