Ready-mix concrete, shot glass, mineral water, polystyrene, mirror, polycarbonate sheet, trunking, overflow pipe, roofing felt, lead flashing, copper pipe, plasterboard, ceramic tile, mdf, pine, steel, hammerite paint, aluminium, CT1 adhesive.
Each block is 20x29x23cm, and approximately 10kg

'Popular Problems (1-5)' is a sequential work of five sculptures compiled of a broad variety of materials, from steel to foam, water to concrete.

Immediately attracted to a near-identical object that I recently saw on the floor of a hardware store - marketing the numerous applications of a new adhesive – I was overcome with the desire to make one myself.

Clearly someone at some point had been tasked with coming up with a physical demonstration of this glue's strengths and a neat arrangement combining all these various elemental materials in the most efficient, succinct form - and devised this neat solution. The curious arrangement of these combinations (the sealed shot of water, the display shelf for the polystyrene, the mirror, the cape-like section of roofing felt) almost suggesting an elusive specific purpose or action, despite it's irrevocably inert nature. However, although the block defies any suggestion of actual practical function it undeniably operates as a very persuasive marketing tool, emphatically portraying the glue's strength and versatile qualities.

I set about sourcing the exact same materials, selecting what I estimated to be the correct amount of each, then fixing them into identical configurations, giving myself five attempts to come close, repeating each stage in turn. Using extensive photographic documentation and measurements of the original block I carefully prepared and applied each element in sequence (including mixing the concrete, the bending of the handle and the carving of the polystyrene - all by hand) to the best of my ability.