'MY EYES' 2010
Table tennis balls, wire, acrylic paint

Sat with a mirror propped up on my studio table I used a small brush and washes of acrylic paint to try and reproduce the patterns of each of my eyeballs onto these two plastic balls.

Made for the exhibition Virtually Worthless Decorative Objects ' at Project Space 11, Plymouth, UK

The invitation:
As a holiday break from our usual programme, Project Space 11 presents 'Virtually Worthless Decorative Objects'. The location of Project Space 11, Plymouth City Market, will be hosting a winter grotto and Christmas market throughout December. This exhibition will provide an artists perspective of the commonly known and well-loved object, the Christmas bauble. Artists and traders are invited to contribute baubles and tree decorations of all shapes and sizes to decorate Project Space 11's Christmas tree. You may wish to consider ideas that the bauble connotes:

- The bauble's origins: a court jester's mock symbol of office, sometimes fashioned from a bladder fastened to a baton
- Triviality or folly
- A child's toy
- Artifice
- Kitsch
- The bauble's place in art history: as an indicator of folly or madness, the fool's bauble has been used notably in several works of art, particularly 18th century paintings (see Louis Surugue)

Or you may wish to make something frivolous, purely decorative and festive.
The theme of this exhibition also examines the reactions of some of our local audience to the contemporary art we showcase. During dialogue with the general public we are often advised to show art that is 'craftsman-like and decorative' but also that some of the work is perceived as 'worthless or throwaway'. This project questions whether art objects can be both.

(Above: Installed on the Christmas tree at Project Space 11)