Pine, bamboo, MDF, Epoxy resin, hot melt glue, acrylic paints, metalwork paint.

A new batch of an ongoing series of sculptures. The 'Brackets' are all painstakingly constructed from wood, glue and modelmakers paint, designed to resemble hastily constructed, utilitarian welded metal brackets that have then weathered over time with rust and chip marks across their surface. In contrast to the restof my more responsive, conversational or collaborative works these are made entirely in the isolation of the studio and have returned to them as a number fo current projects are looking at the nature and consequences of Hermit-like behaviour.

I think of the Brackets as somewhere between a forgery, fake and a theatrical prop. They're designed to resemble an urgently constructed, home-made adaptation, perhaps knocked up in a garage or shed from scraps of metal, then well-used for some time, before being represented out of context of that former task. They are also a way for me as a narrative, conceptual, process-based artist to explore the minefield of abstraction and colour in sculpture.

Each one takes days or weeks to make, as I try and adopt the vocabulary and vernacular of the make-shift construction, arranging the shapes, mimicking the pattern of bad welding in hot-melt glue, building up layers of mismatched paint, then applying the small marks of rust spots and chipped edges.

They are designed to have no correct orientation so can be placed or presented any way up.

They are purposefully tactile so can be handled, with care. This also reveals their weight being only a fraction of what you might have expected.

Each time one is exhibited I add a few more rust and weathering markings, sometimes making additions to the structure or overall colour, as if they are continuing to have a use or function in time.

Above: Installed in 'Hermits and Reliable Artists', two person exhibition with David Blamey at Division of Labour, London. l-r 'Mascot' repositionable printed vinyl wall sticker; Various 'Brackets' on make-shift trestle table.

Below: Detail photographs of individual 'Brackets', dimensions variable.

Above: Installed in 'Hermits and Reliable Artists', two person exhibition with David Blamey at Division of Labour, London