Pine, mdf, epoxy resin, hot melt glue and enamel paint
30 x 35 x 50cm

Made for the exhibition 'Apartment', curated by Brian Chalkley and Lewis Amar, a group show where thirteen artists including Amikam Toren, Jemima Stehli and Dexter Dalwood were asked to make new work and site it amongst the decaying remains of a recently abandoned flat. Leaving the furniture and belongings untouched each artist had to deal with the ethical and emotional overtones of such a gesture.

'Large Bracket' is a wooden construction, modelled and painted to look like an old, home-made, welded bracket, perhaps designed for a specific need some time ago and now chipped and rusting, somehow ending up on top of an old fridge in the kitchen.

(Above left: 'Large Bracket', detail / Above right: Interior detail showing the general state of the apartment.)