Above: 'Hermit Movie Rethink', Entrance Hall, School of Fine Art, Old Mining Building, University of Leeds, 2013 (Photograph by Ned Pooler)

Adapted Performance lecture.

An audio-visual live spoken presentation based on my Planetarium performance lecture 'A Hermit's Movie IV: In Trees', written in, about and for the 1960s 180° dome 'Immersive Vision Theatre' in the middle of the University of Plymouth campus. With that original lecture being so very site specific but also about how you need to distort something to make it more tangible (the fish-eye techique of dome projections) I decided to write a new talk about that talk that could be delivered in other, non-dome, interiors.

For 'Hermit Movie Rethink' I took the content from the original multi-platform digital sequence and put as much of it as I could into a single PowerPoint presentation.

Standing at a make-shift lecturn to the left of the stairs in the Entrance Hall of the Old Mining Building (location of the Fine Art faculty of the University of Leeds) I narrated the slideshow being projected up across the walls and ceiling to the right - an angle similar to that used in the Immersive Vision Theatre.

As with the original lecture it still featured a mix of found footage, text animations, karaoke, 360° installation shots, a trip to the edge of the known universe and back, home movies and a new film commission.

This was delivered as part of an event launching 'Paradiso' a publication looking at the ideal conditions for writers' retreats by COPY, an artists publishing organisation based in Yorkshire.

Likewise with the original lecture, none of this would be possible without the hosting, support, advice, technical knowledge and patience of i-DAT.

An early version of Hermit Movie Rethink was presented at Enclave, London in June 2012.

Hermit Movie Rethink is now available to be redelivered in any interior that can provide a microphone, data projector and an audience.