Limited edition book project

Launched at the 'Publish and Be Damned' book fair 'Hello Sebastian ... Did You Say A4' is a 23,000 word unabridged compilation of a written conversation between myself and Sebastian Craig of i-cabin, featuring emails, text messages, chat room debates and full colour image attachments. The conversation took place over the six weeks I was on a residency in Vaasa, on the west coast of Finland and Craig was running his gallery back in London.

Emphasising the sculptural qualities of such a large body of text the book uses the entire contents of the book as its title, abridged to the first and last few words written for convenience. Accordingly the cover is simply the first page of this conversation, printed onto a much heavier stock of paper.

Self published by i-cabin it comes in a limited edition of 13, emphasising its objecthood and perhaps anticipating demand for such a dense text. Each copy comes with a tassled, laminated bookmark on which a special introduction and guide to the book has been written.

6 deluxe copies of the book come with a unique wooden key fob, hand crafted in Finnish pine by inmates of Vaasa Prison, selected by us from the Prison shop then cut into with a 30 angle by myself in my residency studio.

To purchase a copy of the book please email barry@sykes.tc or info@i-cabin.co.uk

To read the entire text of the conversation, without attachments go HERE