Above: The Dad Directives #2: 'Hi Dad, Take a photograph of a photograph you wish you had taken'

THE DAD DIRECTIVES 2008 (With Kevin Sykes)
Framed inkjet prints and text

One of a series of projects devised and completed whilst on a six week residency at Platform in Vaasa on the west coast of Finland.

For 'The Dad Directives' - my first collaboration with my father, a keen amateur photographer - I emailed him each weekend with a different instruction to take a photograph. He was free to interpret these however he wanted, then produce one print of each - using his new A3 printer - and send them out to me when the set of six was complete. Once the prints arrived they were inserted to the six numbered A3 box frames I had prepared.

The project was run under strict conditions so my father and I never discussed it until after all the prints had arrived by post, just a few days prior to the exhibition opening.

Above left: Installation view in 'Tree Hugger - New works by Barry Sykes' Platform, Vaasa, Finland / Above right: The Dad Directives text

'Hi Dad, Go outside after dark and photograph any house with a window you can see someone through.'

Hi Dad, take a photograph of a photograph you wish you had taken.'

‘Hi Dad, Build something from scrap wood in the garage, paint it with left-over paint,
give it eyes. Then photograph it.'

‘Hi Dad, Collect together as many things you can find that you've been given as presents.
Pile them up and photograph with a strong flash.'

‘Hi Dad, Take a photograph of something you don't understand.'

‘Hi Dad, What is the heaviest thing you can lift in the house? Take it out into the garden and photograph it.

Above: The Dad Directives installed in Plymouth Arts Centre, UK, for the solo exhibition Recreate A Nervy Pistol (An Early Retrospective), 2011

Above: 'The Dad Directives' Discussion (with Q&A), held at Bygga Bo, London on Saturday 5th July 2014. The first time my father and I had spoken about the work publicly.