Barry Sykes
Born in 1976
Lives and works in London

e: barry(at)sykes(dot)tc

Solo Exhibitions
04.2015 'Sociable Hermit', ICIA, University of Bath, UK
04.2014 "It Must Be Told.", Enclave Guest Projects, Deptford, London
06.2011 'I Am Not Him And I Do Not Have Your Pen', solo Late at Tate evening, Tate St Ives, Porthmeor Beach, St Ives, Cornwall, UK
11.2011 'A Grey Area', Backside, The Motorcycle Showroom, Bristol, UK
01.2011 'Recreate A Nervy Pistol? (An Early Retrospective)', Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth, UK
09.2009 'The Desperate Designer', Gallop, Deptford, London. Part of The London Design Festival 2009
09.2008 'I Was Born On The Day Heidegger Died (But I Don't Know Much About His Work)', i-cabin, London
03.2008 'Tree Hugger', Platform, Vaasa, Finland
03.2006 'Putting Spark In Your Relationships', Gallop, Deptford, London (with Sean Parfitt)
07.2004 'Staying Alive: 90 minutes of Whittling', Museum Van Nagsael, Rotterdam (with Sean Parfitt)

Selected Group Exhibitions

02.2016 'Manual Labours: The Complaining Body', The Peltz Gallery, Birkbeck College, London, UK
10.2015 'Hermits and Reliable Artists', Division of Labour, London, UK
08.2015 'To Pay Respect To The Generosity Of The Three Minute Punk-Rock Song Pt.2: Re-Edit'. BEEF, Bristol (Curated by Toby Huddlestone)
11.2014 'Macht', Group exhibition curated by Sandra Mann. Prevent, Frankfurt, Germany
11.2014 'Yearbook'. Group exhibition for Enclave 'Yearbook' edition portfolio. Enclave, Deptford, UK
09.2013 'The False Memory Archive', The Exchange, Penzance UK (Collaboration within A.R. Hopwood solo show)
09.2013 '4 Days: Curtain Call', Arnolfini, Bristol, UK
09.2013 'Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!', blip blip blip, Leeds, UK (Curated by Hayley Dixon)
03.2013 'L.I.E in London', Collaborative video work with Library of Independant Exchange, Hannah Barry Gallery, London
03.2013 'Misuse: Creating Alternatives', organised by the Curating the Contemporary MA, London Met Uni & The Whitechapel Gallery.
11.2011 'To Pay Respect To The Generosity Of The Three Minute Punk-Rock Song', Crate, Margate. (Curated by Toby Huddlestone)
02.2011 '£171', Project Space 11, Plymouth, UK
12.2010 'Virtually Worthless Decorative Objects', Project Space 11, Plymouth, UK
11.2010 'Ink', North Lodge, University College London.
08.2010 'Agitprop!', Project Space 11, Plymouth, UK
05.2010 'No Soul For Sale', Turbine Hall, Tate Modern. (Invited by i-cabin)
04.2010 'Multichannel', Artists film and video group show, Artsway, Sway, New Forest, UK
02.2010 'Performance Metrics', The Gallery, Goldsmith's College, London. (Curated by Elisa Kay and Shama Khanna)
11.2008 'The Apartment', 222 Mare Street, London (Curated by Lewis Amar and Brian Chalkley)
10.2008 'Exchange', The Arts Gallery, London (Curated by Beth Greenacre, director of Rokeby gallery)
10.2008 'SIRKUS' with Kling and Bang, Iceland, at the Frieze Art Fair, London
09.2008 'alt_cph', Copenhagen (with Platform gallery, Finland)
04.2008 'Itchy Park 5: Be the change that you want to see happen tomorrow, Today!', Limehouse Town Hall, London
03.2007 'Itchy Park 4: Duality' Limehouse Town Hall, London
06.2006 'Deja Vu', Group Show, Pro Artibus, Elverket, Finland
10.2005 'Notion Nanny', (with Sean Parfitt) Studio Voltaire, London
02.2005 'Itchy Park 3: Pestilence', Limehouse Town Hall, London
12.2004 'Romantic Detachment', Chapter Arts, Cardiff (with Sean Parfitt)
09.2004 'Romantic Detachment', P.S.1 MoMA , New York , (with Sean Parfitt)
09.2004 'Brixton Village Market Residency', Brixton, London (with Sean Parfitt)
08.2004 'John Wynne / Barry Sykes', 2YK Galerie, Kunstfabrik, Berlin
06.2004 'Itchy Park: The Young Reappropriate the Old', Limehouse Town Hall , London
07.2003 'Exhibition of Findings', Czech Centre, London (with Sean Parfitt)
06.2003 'The Artist as Entrepreneur', The Place, Letchworth
06.2003 Prague Biennial, National Gallery, Veletrzni Palac, Prague (with Sean Parfitt)
05.2003 'Model', Kent Institute of Art and Design, Rochester , England (with Sean Parfitt)
04.2003 'The Poster The Show 1,2,3', Hoxton Distillery, London
02.2003 'PrintROOM', ROOM, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
09.2002 'MAIS4: The Good The Bad', Duke St, Liverpool Biennial
06.2002 'Doubles Collection 1998-2002', Lenbachhaus, Munich
05.2002 'three times twelve is nine', Gallery, London
01.2002 'Doubles II', Jeffrey Charles Gallery, Whitechapel, London
06.2001 'Faith in Fakes', The Place, Letchworth
04.2001 'Record Collection', VTO Gallery, London , toured to Geneva and Manchester
12.2000 'Fate', Beaconsfield, London
07.2000 MA Show, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London
06.2000 'Staying Alive', Chelsea School of Art project space, London (with Sean Parfitt)
06.2000 'Year', a year long curatorial project featuring 365 artists
05.2000 'democracy?', Royal College of Art, London
03.2000 'Vim and Vigour', S1 Artspace, Sheffield
04.1999 'Marks Out Of Ten', S1 Artspace, Sheffield
02.1999 'Grand Prix', Parking Space Gallery, Liverpool

Curated Projects
08.2012 'The Apocralypse' Inviting 22 artists to devise hypothetical events, one published each weekday throughout August 2012.
09.2008 'Resolution Way' reconfiguring the original exhibition for the Deptford X retrospective Exhibition, APT Gallery Deptford
07.2002 'Resolution Way', Deptford, London . Three projects by Bob and Roberta Smith, Cesare Pietroiusti, Semloh Bbew &Artlab. (Co-curated with Emma Ridgway and Sean Parfitt).

Talks and Presentations
04.2015 'Advanced Retreating'. Devised Symposium on Artists in Residence. Feat. Lindsay Hughes, Emma Smith & Prof David Calderbank
02.2014 'Hermit Movie Rethink'. Adapted planetarium performance lecture, Kings ARI, Melbourne
04.2013 'Only Yourself To Blame'. Triple PowerPoint lecture on three unwieldy subjects where audience chooses which one I deliver. ICIA, Bath
03.2013 'I Didn't Do It'. Lecture about using found objects in art. Part of Misuse exhibition, London Metropolitan University
03.2013 'Hermit Movie Rethink'. Adapted planetarium performance lecture for COPY book launch, University of Leeds
08.2012 'A Look Back At The Apocralypse'. Closing event and discussion. Punctuation Programme event at Limoncello, London
07.2012 'Why Bother'. Artists talk about ideas, practice and career for Central St Martins Summer School students
06.2012 'Hermit Movie Rethink'. Adapted planetarium performance lecture for a Toby Huddlestone event. Enclave, London
06.2012 'An Introduction To The Apocralypse'. Q&A session as part of Sarah Pierce event, The Showroom, London
01.2012 Epic artist talk to foundation students at Suffolk New College covering 17 years of work from my foundation to present
11.2011 'What It Isn't It Is (Isn't It?)'. Residency lecture about artistic output aside from the art. The Motorcycle Showroom, Bristol
10.2011 'An Apology...' for The Happy Hypocrite and Book Works' 'Miniature Essay' event, Spike Island, Bristol
09.2011 'A Sort Of Open Secret', Banner Repeater, Hackney, London, UK
2010/11 'KEEP HIM TALKING'. A series of 18 various events, introductions, lectures, texts etc. developed as part of my residency and exhibition at Plymouth Arts Centre. An attempt to expand the potential of the Artist Talk and examine the various roles and uses of the speaking artist.
06.2009 Artist's talk to the directors and executives of Arena BLM media planning company, London
10.2008 'A Sort Of Open Secret'. A cryptic illustrated lecture about my career and finances.
08.2008 'Hello Sebastian ... Did You Say A4?'. Reading extracts for a podcast from the Publish and be Damned book fair, London
12.2004 'Lessons in Boredom and the Outdoors', Chapter Arts, Cardiff (with Sean Parfitt)
09.2004 'Lessons in Boredom…'. Artists Talk, PS1, New York (with Sean Parfitt)
03.2004 Reading of JG Ballard's ‘The Smile', White Out , Spike Island , Bristol
07.2003 'All I Can Remember I Know'. Artist's Talk, CBA Studios, Deptford
Visiting Lecturer at The City Lit, Adult Education College (twice a year since 2003)
06.2002 Artists Talk with commissioned deaf signing, The Place, Letchworth

Writing and Book Projects
2013 'Of Owl Peril', commissined text for Low Profile publication 'Here's To Another Ten', published by ICIA
2012 'A Pro Bono Practice', for 'Bring The Dead Back To Life' anthology, Bookworks.
2012 Barry Sykes Edit, Video programme for Charlotte Troy's 'Artist Talks' website.

2011 'Schizm Issue 4'. Double page contribution to Emma Holmes' zine project
2010 'Some Questions About Artist Residencies'. For 'Don't Look Back', Platform gallery 10th anniversary publication
2009 'On The Nude Beach'. Commissioned essay for 'The Earth Not A Globe' Exhibition catalogue, Rokeby Gallery, London
2008 'Hello Sebastian ... Did You Say A4?'. Limited edition compendium of a written collaboration with i-cabin gallery, London
2008 'The Newpaper' contributor to edition 3 of this mock free-sheet devised and edited by El Vonne Brown
2007 'The 2007 Almanac of Political Art' Devised by Sophie Hope, edited by Leigh French, Adam Jeanes & Simona Nastac
2004 'Staying Alive: Lessons in Boredom and the Outdoors, Incorporating the world's longest list of uses for vinegar'. Designed and edited by Simon and Tom Bloor (with Sean Parfitt).
2002 'All I Can Remember I Know – in five days', Artist's Book project.
2002 'Clip City', exhibition review for Italian website
2000 'Parallel Lines', devised, edited and designed the collected writings from the Chelsea MA Fine Art 1999/2000.

Residencies and Awards
2013/14 Research and production residency, ICIA, University of Bath, UK
11.2011 Research residency, Motorcycle Showroom, Bristol, UK
07.2011 Research residency, Gallery Maskinen, Umea, Sweden
2011/12 Research residency, i-Dat, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK
2010/11 Research, commission and exhibition residency, Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth, UK
02.2008 Six week residency and exhibition at Platform gallery, Vaasa, Finland
07.2005 Nominated for the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Visual Arts (with Sean Parfitt)
07.2004 Two month residency, 2YK Studios, Berlin
2004-05 Grizedale Arts Research and Development Bursary (with Sean Parfitt)
10.2003 Shortlisted for Bookworks Emerging Artists Commission
09.2002 10 day GARBA Residency, Montescaglioso , Italy 

Press and Publications

02.2011 Interview, Hayden Kays' 'I the God' blog
01.2011 Exhibition Review of 'Recreate A Nervy Pistol? (An Early Retrospective)', Arts Culture website, by Natalie Craven
01.2011 'Exhibitions of the Week', The Guide, The Guardian, by Skye Sherwin
11.2008 Artists Profile,, by Dani Admiss
03.2008 Exhibition Review of 'Tree Hugger', Vasabladet newspaper, by Lisbeth Rosenback
03.2008 Exhibition Review of 'Tree Hugger', Sunnuntaisoumalainen newspaper, by Katya Pesonen
10.2006 'Museum van Nagsael - 11 Years, 132 Exhibitions', Veenman Publishers, Netherlands
06.2006 'Deja Vu' (Exhibition Catalogue), Proartibus, Finland
09.2003 'Static Pamphlet',, (review of Exhibition of Findings )
09.2002 'MAIS4: The Good The Bad' (Exhibition Catalogue)
08.2002 Create 24/7, (review of Resolution Way )
06.2002 Time Out, (preview of Resolution Way )
06.2002 Evening Standard, (preview of Resolution Way /Deptford X)
07.1998 The Big Issue, (Artist's profile)

Ostrobothnian Museum (Finland)
Various private collections (UK and Abroad)

Art Education
1999 - 2000 MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK
1995 - 1998 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Liverpool Art School, UK
1994 - 1995 Art Foundation Course, Thurrock Technical College, Essex, UK
1988 - 1994 Coopers Company & Coborn School, Upminster, Essex, UK
1986 - 1988 The Bell Junior School, Upminster, Essex, UK
1980 - 1986 Wykeham Primary School, Hornchurch Essex, UK

Other Income

2001 - Sole trader, Animals in Wire