(above: GALLOP Cafe interior, '0.001%' blue plaque placed on wall to right of counter)

'0.001%' 2009
Engraved traffolyte plaque

200mm x 70mm x 2mm

One of three projects* devised during a residency at 'GALLOP', the home of the 'Committee' design studio and cafe, timed to coincide with the London Design Festival 2009.

Each project was based on discussions with Committee (Clare Page and Harry Richardson) about the design industry and the function of art and artists. The works made were presented under the name 'The Desperate Designer' for the relaunch of their premises that now include a fully-functioning cafe alongside, workshop, studio, showroom and their private residence, on Deptford High Street, south London.

*The others being 'The Least Most (The Most Least?)' and 'Relaunch Announcement Sculpture (with Lucky Charm)'

'0.001%' was designed as a provocation - to see how I could make a work that entered the workings of a fully functioning cafe and finding the tolerances for the affect I could have on Harry and Clare's behaviour. The project was offered to them with a complete veto if they didn't want it to happen but they gladly accepted it. At the next London Design Festival we will forward the chosen charity whatever monies have been raised.